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Injuries occur for a variety of reasons. Traumatic injuries occur when contact or force is too much for your muscles, joints or bones to absorb. A sprained ankle, a twisted knee, a fall off your bicycle or a collision at second base is examples of this type of injury. Overuse injuries are a gradual breakdown of body structures. They can often be prevented and are generally caused by any one or combination of the following:

  • Not enough strength for the activity
  • Not enough flexibility for the activity
  • Inappropriate activity or intensity (too much, too soon!)
  • Improper or faulty equipment
  • Change in exercise surface (different running terrain or exercise floor)
  • Poor biomechanics or technique

Pain is an indication that something is wrong, so listen to your body. As your injury progresses, pain will increase and/or occur earlier during exercise. Swelling, redness or warmth-to-the-touch are also signs of injury and inflammation. Seek medical attention to begin your road to recovery.

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